Conversations with Jim Vanderpol

The SFA Conference is over and done, but one of the key memories I’ll carry with me is the intimate dinner and conversation I was fortunate enough to share with the SFA Board of Directors, guests and friends on Friday Night before the conference.  Our own Jim Vanderpol joined us for dinner and a fun time of reflection and reading from his new book, Conversations with the Land.

Jim Vanderpol on Friday night

I particularly could relate to Jim’s stories of growing up on a farm, and how the image of that farm and his farm community as it was in his youth was burned into his mind at such a young age, and how it took years for him to see the farm change and grow.  Farms change, people age, and the expectations of those on the land change, too.

Jim really captured that nicely in his readings and in the conversation that followed.  Thanks Jim! for a wonderful evening.  If you would like to get Jim’s book, you can check out his website.

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